Hole 13-15

The cabin hole, number 13 plays out from a tight spot, then through three big pine trees into a clearing, then up to a basket under a large oak.


Hole 14 is nice and short so you can catch your breath (and perhaps a birdie) before the two longest holes on the back nine. About 200 ft, but you still have to thread a needle.


Number 15 is probably the second toughest hole on the course. It's less than 400ft as a crow flies, but unless you're a crow you'd best take the long way around!


  1. Daniel,
    I like your course and love this web page design with the pictures of each hole and approches. Did you design this web page? Sorry I did not make your tournament last weekend.

    1. Hey Randon,

      Yeah, I did this site in blogger and it is by far the easiest, cheapest, and probably most attractive of the sand hill websites that have existed over the last few years. BTW, I'm bummed I won't be able to come to snow farm for doubles this year (have to be in DC next morning), but I'll do better scheduling next year.

      take care,