Monday, November 19, 2012

Wild Turkey Fling mini at Sand Hill


We're planning a mini for 10am Saturday November 24th, which is the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  Nothing huge, just some friends and family and whoever else is in town and looking to throw down.

We're calling it the 'Wild Turkey Fling' because we thought it needed a name.  But please do not take this as an endorsement of a particular alcoholic beverage product, or of alcoholic beverages in general (we suggest you drink responsibly).  Also, if you happen to see the wild turkeys that sometimes frequent our course between holes 14 and 16, please do not attempt to fling them.

We plan to tee off at 10am Saturday for a one round mini.  There may also be a second round, but not part of the mini.  Folks are welcome to camp the night before and/or the night after, just let us know.  Also, give me a heads up if you're coming so we'll know to expect you.