Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First Annual Whizzerville Classic

Announcing the First Annual Whizzerville Classic, a one-day mini tournament to be held Saturday, January 28th, 2012 at sand hill

the idea is to have it be the weekend before the super bowl, when there's no decent football on the boob toob.  (sorry, not counting the pro bowl)

if you wish you may camp here Friday the night before or Saturday, or both
we will tee off at 11am on Sat.  Unless you have a personal helicopter it will not be easy to go anywhere for lunch, so please plan accordingly!

UPDATE: Fri 1/27 2:30pm  Drove out here this morning via the short way and the road was in good condition, given the 3.25" of rain we got.  Rain!  Woo Hoo!  Couple of puddles on the way in, no biggie

We are cleaning up the camping area and getting it ready for a fire.  Looks like a beautiful weekend for disc golf!  See y'all tomorrow!

PS- Looks like we will have some bbq chicken legs and beans

[EDIT: 1/18/12]
We decided it would be better to have it be a single round mini for this year, so we moved the start time back to 11am.  Open players will play the blue tees and Am players will use the red tees.

[EDIT: 1/12/12]
Details, details: $10 entry includes $7 payout at 100% and $3 for ace pot (CTP after round if no ace) 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

First Ace!

We finally had our first ace at Sand Hill!

I had been hoping to do the honor myself.  But Solo beat me to it.

Aced hole 18 to finish the round!  His daughter was a witness.  Also edged Blu, who merely birdied the hole, by one stroke.  Set a new course record for the red tees, at 52

Oh, but this is the best part.  He called it!  that's right, like frickin Babe Ruth he called it beforehand.  After he released it there was no doubt

Solid chains, thud in basket.  this is why we have chainstar baskets.  never know what might have happened with a cheap basket

Solo has been the best advocate for Sand Hill, so it's fitting that he should get the first ace.  nice shot, bro!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hair of the Dog

We had a bunch of folks from Fly Ink out to play the course on new years day.  They held a mini tournament called hair of the dog because, well, I guess several of them had a drink or two the night before.  I didn't try one of the bloody marys but I understand they were tasty.

We had 21 open players who played from the blue tees and 10 ams who played from the just-finished red tees, plus four stragglers.  A new course record from the blue tees (55) was set by Bradley.  Also had a record from the red tees (56) but it won't hold up long.

Here are a handful of photos from the round:

It seems a good time was had all around.  I'm guessing we'll see these folks again, perhaps next new years day!