Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Birthdays and camping at sand hill

No, not our birthdays -- discgolfers' birthdays!

Rich celebrated his birthday at Sand Hill last month by inviting a bunch of discgolfers to camp and play several rounds of doubles over 2+ days. Lucky for me they had an odd number of people, so I joined them to even it out and played all 3 rounds. At one point we had six doubles teams playing in one huge group, and overall we had perhaps 18 or 20 players. We had some close games too. Chris and his partner (was it Tony?) set a new doubles course record with a 54 on Saturday, then Eric and Chip tied the record on Sunday. We even played some night golf with flashers Solo brought, and Chip and I got a 4 on hole 16 by discovering a previously unknown clearing in the woods (never saw it during the day!). Only a few people have played hole 16 in 4.

A couple of weeks later, Charles celebrated his birthday at Sand Hill. You guessed it -- disc golf and camping! It's been great weather for camping, and with all the rain this winter we have been allowing the campers to have big ground fires. We've been under burn bans for most of the 5 years we have owned this land, so we won't always be able to allow ground fires, but we do have some chimineas for when it dries out again.

Good times!

Winter is the best time for camping. In fact, I'm starting to feel the urge again...

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