Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Too dang lazy!

That's right, I'll admit it. I'm too dang lazy to update my web site at!

I try to keep up, but we're always doing something to improve the disc golf course. And I'm not exactly an html wiz. Plus I stay pretty darn busy in my day job and all. Blogging's easy, though, so I've decided to use this space to keep you up to date.

So here's the latest news: we played our first official 18-hole game on January 2nd, 2009! Of course we've played 18 holes before, but usually by repeating some of them. Matt, Dad, and I played the entire course while the kids goofed off at the cabin. Hole 17 is not finished yet -- still some saplings in the fairway, and it needs to be widened -- but we played it anyway. I took the round with a 74 -- yes you read that right, a 74! It's a tough course, and for now at least the official course record (from the pro tees) is 20-over par! I bet you can't beat it.

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